This screen print was created as a fundraiser for my out of work bartender and server friends here in North Beach, San Francisco, California. 100 prints sold for $100. each, and raised 10k, which I donated 100% of the profits to the closed establishments in my neighborhood featured in the artwork. Sadly, this will only barely scratch the surface of the financial disaster faced by my neighborhood service industry homies. I drew this image with those friends, and their struggle in mind. The prints sold out in 3.5 minutes, and was a successful fundraiser. I plan to make more this summer, perhaps in a new colorway. Stay tuned.
Massive thank you to Nat Swope of Bloom Press in Oakland for the rush printing job, and my homeboy Ken Harman from the Hashimoto gallery for donating the fulfillment and packaging for this fundraiser

NBC Bay Area news coverage: