I just completed one of the largest paintings in the world’s largest mural district here in Wynwood. It took myself and two other painters roughly two weeks, and almost 70 gallons of paint to complete the project. I am very proud of the results.

54 feet wide x 100 feet tall (each wall)
Acrylic paint on concrete
NW 23rd st. x NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, Florida

This piece was inspired by the official state animals from where I live, and where I painted this mural. Both the California Grizzly and The Florida Panther became endangered during man’s expansion in to their native turf. I thought it was a larger than life way to celebrate these majestic beasts and their struggle with humans. The property owners requested a design that created a connection between San Francisco California and Miami Florida.

I could not have done a piece at this scale without the help and experience from two rad expert type dudes. Infinite gratitude and respect to Daniel Antelo and Guillaume Ollivier for helping me to make these massive beasts come to life.

Thanks again To Jesse Feldman and Glenn Gilmore for trusting me to cover their giant Cube building with all of this paint.

Big thanks to Harold Ruiz for taking such amazing photos and drone footage of our process on the wall.

Just goes to show that even at almost 50 years old, you can still teach an old dog (fish) new tricks. Grateful to still be experimenting, expanding and exploring the boundaries of my artwork every day. Thanks again to all of my real friends, fans, followers, collaborators and collectors for all of the support over the last few decades to help get me to where I am today.