I just finished drawing this Zodiac creatures series for some art shows later this year, maybe a calendar? Read more →


Each year the Haight Street Art Center will invite artists to visit San Francisco, and create screen prints in their state of the art print studio with master printer Drew Jorstad. The prints will be for sale at the end of each project, and the artists can choose a local non-profit that hey would like to support with a portion of the profits.

This year myself, Mike Giant, and Morning Breath Design were invited to get together and create some rad new screen prints. We chose to work with the non-profit SF Skate Club, primarily because the founder of the SFSC Shawn Connelly was sponsored by Think Skateboards. Coincidentally the skateboard manufacturer that myself and the other artists worked for in the 90’s, and how we all met each other.

Huge thanks to the HSAC staff, Drew Jorstad and Robin Gascon for making this all happen. There are still a few prints left if you are interested in supporting this project:


Introducing The Caffeinated Cranium, a 12 oz travel skull coffee mug I drew for the homies @fellowproducts available now at their San Francisco retail store, or online at fellowproducts.com

I suffer from some really unpleasant reoccurring nightmares, and my morning africano from @caffetriesteofficial , (the oldest Espresso Bar on the West Coast) usually brings me back to the real world. This travel skull mug is supposed to wake you up, remind you of your mortality, and that life is short and bitter sweet, so get to it!


I created this recent set of paintings called “Cheaters, Liars, and Theives” inspired by the simple fact that you just can’t trust anyone, ever.

They are all on their way down south to be displayed this weekend at Complexcon with my homies from The Hashimoto Gallery

Please contact the gallery to see a collectors preview, or to purchase these original works: